Beautiful Siena

The sun still beats down warmly over the Sienese countryside in September, and the stubble left by harvest covers the fields with a sort of animal fur. It is one of the most beautiful countrysides in the world: God has drawn the curve of its hills with an exquisite freedom, and has given it a rich and varied vegetation among which the cypresses stand out like lords. Man has worked this earth to advantage and has spread his dwellings over it; but from the most princely villa to the humblest cottage they all have a similar grace and harmony with their ochre walls and curved tiles. The road is never monotonous; it winds and rises, only to descend into another valley between terraced fields and age-old olive groves. Both God and man have shown their genius at Siena.

Maurice Druon
The Accursed Kings: The Lily and the Lion.

I wish I could remember when was my first contact with Siena. I wish I could remember the first time I read about this stunning medieval city and I wish I could remember what I felt the first time I read about it. But I can’t.
I have been in love with Italy since I was a little girl, mum used to tell me stories about emperors, citadels and armies lost in time. I was probably one of the few 5-year-old (at least in my home town), who knew who was Julius Caesar and what was going on with Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius.
Italian tales and legends have been part of me probably since the beginning of my memories.
So no, I can’t remember when was the first time I heard about Siena, or about Firenze or Rome. But I remember what I felt when visiting Siena for the first time, I felt drunk of excitement and happiness.
If I close my eyes, I can almost see myself admiring everything around, breathing in and out slowly, filling my spirit with pure Tuscan air and trying to absorb everything at once.
I remember how walking the old city made me think about ancient kings and popes, about bankers ruling kingdoms behind the scenes and about the lives, powerful people played with. While in Siena, I tried to touch history, to hear old secrets and to know all about timeless adventures.
I do remember how I felt the first time I visited Siena, what I felt was a perfect combination of excitement and happiness flowing through my veins.

If you want to travel to Siena for a few seconds check the pics below, click to see them full size and enjoy!

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